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… that is Doris Lenz, Vocals

   and Jo Lenz, Electric Bass.

After having been musically active for more than 40 years in various rock, pop and jazz formations, they have been on stage as a jazz duo for 10 years. From the idea to musically accompany Doris Lenz' own art performances, the duo

developed a program of atmospheric jazz and pop standards that always matches the respective setting.

The musical arc ranges from the silence of Scandinavia to the heat of Louisiana and the joie de vivre of the Copacabana. Each song is newly arranged and presented in easy-listening jazz versions.  

The vocals are always in the foreground, supported by a bass foundation and harmonious guitar and keyboard interludes.


Press - Kultur Kapelle Eisbach

Kunst und Kulturtage Königswinter, Alter Zoll

For inquiries, please call 02224-74663

or mail us here

"Come on, my love"

About The Joys and Sorrows of Love.


In their new program, Doris and Jo Lenz approach the topic of love and its facets in words and songs in an unusual way.

Look forward to an evening with poems, soft and jazzy sounds, a smile, but also moments to pause.

An evening full of poetry and music.

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