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In her installation, the artist brings love—in all its naturalness like the light that surrounds us, with its doubts and the shifting uncertainties, with cloud 9 and all its warmth—to our attention in a way that can be experienced and felt anew.

Quotes from various religions, epochs and literature placed in the windows and all over the room make it clear how central love has always been and will remain for mankind. The visitor becomes familiar with the theme on an intellectual-emotional level.


The various facets of love—written in statements on love on fabric panels— which occupy the space and rearrange it, can only be discovered if we as observers remain in motion, flexible and adopt new positions and perspectives.

The floor of the central corridor is lined with white fabrics and soft materials to enhance the new feeling of space. Involuntarily, we as visitors become attentive, gentle and sensitive in our movements and continue the list of what love means to us inwardly...


"Ways of Love" are newly conceived, experienced and felt in space. The monochrome and very restrained design of the installation blends into the familiar space and intensifies the spatial effect in its tenderness and simplicity.

- Irina Wistoff, Museum Educator, on the exhibition "Ways of Love"“

(Exhibitions in Zuhause der Kunst, Oberpleis, 2016 and Ev. Christuskirche, Königswinter, 2017)

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